What interests me about queerness is its emphasis on experiment, hybridity, failure, vulnerability, and risk. . . I use “trans and queer” as a kind of ideological shorthand for an anti-hegemonic orientation with regard to desire, intellect, approach, and form.       

                                                                                                                                         -TC Tolbert

I am looking for a way to both honor and destabilize my experiences with gender, landscape, and poetry by creating new environments for exchange, alternative economies, and sites for performance and engaged resistance. I deliberately work with a wide range of techniques and mediums in order to make room for new strategies to arise. It is integral to my work to blur the boundaries between domestic and public, play and work, and to emphasize the possibility for the spectator to also be the artist (if they would like to). I am interested in using a studio space as a gallery, a gallery as a studio and the landscape as both, and in most circumstances, creating a space for public transaction.

 My work is a process-based practice and is often unresolved, more curious than knowing. In most cases, I use my mistakes to develop new techniques and to keep my curiosity intact, humane and shining. I believe that art is not only what you make, but also what you do. Therefor I make field-recordings, notes on healing, and collect and disperse images. 

 I am currently working to develop curriculum, architecture and programming for the Institute for Emergent Ecologies, a counter-disciplinary collective experiment in accessible education and community space of which I serve as a founding member and director.


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